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WWW Websites

Fast like a jiff. HTML5 wrapped. CSS is there. Bootstrap 4 impressed. Cutting edge packed. Glamour novelty. It cannot be pushed any further. Everyone worships the looks. They say, oh, ah, wow! Who has moulded such a stunner? It is neither a bird nor a plane but the Cando of a Canine species at work here!

Content Management System Services

Are you blogging fidgety? Forum activity hungry? Need a vent for your advertising OCD? An auction maniac? Though, dreary about coding? Feeling lost in the programming world? No sight of a light in the tunnel? No sweat! The CMS Cando Canine will deliver what’s your fancy! All nice and easy. Seriously. Incredibly easy! Yes, really! Everything for all devices out there!

E-Commerce Websites

Give your customers top notch shopping experience. It is time to earn your first million! The internet is infinite. What if immensity becomes your returning customer? Possibilities are limitless! Legions upon myriads of souls to reach! Your website will trigger their shopping action taking at once! Whereas the backend will be as simple as a monk’s life. Easy to grasp and follow! Donkey brain friendly too! Eventually, brass will flood you like a muck on a torrential day from a hill!

A plenitude of benefits

Coded strictly
All well versed in a code matching current trends and needs.

What you get is a website with a dachshund’s flexibility and also a pug’s contractibility. It will extend and shrink appropriately and accordingly.  

Clarity of layout
Will make even the unlettered and illiterate get the message with ease!

Entirely approachable prices
Although not the cheapest garbage sort, still seem to be affordable by the most. 

Nice appearance
It will even seem to taste incredible according to anyone’s liking, once like a curry chicken, the other time like a cheesecake or even a liver.

About the Cando Canine

A bit like a bear (35%) and a bitty like a dog (65%). The Canine Genius! The creative creator. The aesthetics ocean swimmer. The prolific website generator! With plenty of years of experience, lots of long years up a sleeve. Even more satisfied clients. Well acclaimed even as a puppy. May work incognito, undercover that is. The Canine has frequented various agencies, though it has never been his style to go running wild, because he is the Bearish Cando Canine. When he is out of his den, people give him weird looks, they cannot believe their own eyes. Thus, he is timid when exposed to publicity. However, now he brandishes his own brand.  

Have no fear! No biting under the common law! Fortunately, he cannot get to the door in 5 sec. at the noise of a postman’s bell. Although he may not have the Shakespearean writing witty, he surely knows his art. He provides his services on demand only and never acts uninvited! Yes, he has royal manners! Email the Canine at will. Await the reply shortly as soon as he awakes, scrambles up out of his den and puts words in order to make sure he expresses himself according to thoughts conceived in his brain upon your request.

CMS services

net price
  • Possible applications: a blog, a newspaper, an online magazine, a forum, Q&A services like for instance, local advertisement services, a used car’s dealer, a dating site.
  • The price includes: a newsletter, a widget facebook, rss,  atom feed
  • Components: all inclusive just like at a regular website.
  • Comprehensive responsive features both for tablets and mobile phones
  • One of a kind graphic design
  • CMS: Wordpress

A regular WWW website

net price
  • up to 10 subpages
  • The price includes: both a domain and a full year of hosting services.
  • Basic components: articles, columns, movies played both in the background as well as in windows, Youtube clips, pictures, galleries, sliders, contact forms, subscription prompts, Google maps, social services, Facebook comments, price lists, links.
  • One of a kind graphic design
  • Comprehensive responsive features both for tablets and mobile phones
  • Technology at work: pure HTML5 and CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework.

An e-commerce website

net price
  • The price includes: both a domain and a full year of hosting services, an assortment of up to 30 goods
  • Payment methods: the Paypal, a bank transfer, a cheque
  • Components: all inclusive just like at a regular website plus up to date in stock information, order placing process, tax rates, sale statistics, virtual products (to be downloaded), both pictures and movies featuring products, text messaging alerts for your customers.
  • A prospect of extensions: a forum, Q&A.
  • One of a kind graphic design. 
  • Comprehensive responsive features both for tablets and mobile phones
  • Additional premium components: the PayU, parcel machines services, an invoicing programme,eBay (an e-commerce website), a price comparison website. 
  • CMS: Wordpress
  • E-commerce technology: WooCommerce 

Inquire thou about anything! 

Thanks! Woof!